Understanding the Depth of the First Two Letters of the Hebrew Alphabet

We will find the profundity the Hebrew Alphabet, we will proceed with our investigation on the Paleo Hebrew which is the antiquated pictograph type of the Hebrew Alphabet and how it identifies with our lives. I trust that this article would affect you and have the capacity to identify with it where you are a major part of your life. We have experienced the initial five Hebrew Letters of the Hebrew Alphabet in my past articles and this article will fill in as an audit of the initial two letters.

As a matter of first importance we have discovered that there are 22 letters on the Hebrew Alphabet and we took in the initial five from my current posts. Aleph, Beit, Gimmel, Dalet, and Hey are the initial five letters. The 6th letter is Vav which I will discuss in my future articles. So before that, we should do a speedy survey for those of that perhaps have not perused my past posts. So the primary letter is Aleph, recollect that we have two types of Hebrew, the cutting edge Hebrew and we likewise have the Paleo Hebrew which is the pictograph.

Additionally remember that all letters were pictures initially. You ought to likewise comprehend that each Hebrewespond to a surprising que letter has a number appended to it and a photo connected to it. That being stated, Aleph’s essential significance is bull head or quality. It is the quality or the pioneer. Ii is the primary letter, and it is additionally really the principal letter in your book of scriptures that is not there.

The principal letter of your book of scriptures begins with Beit in light of the fact that Aleph is the head and it is a quiet letter. So Aleph is the Father that is quiet as His pledge gotten through the primary letter of the book of scriptures. So again Aleph is the “head of” or quality, power, or pioneer. The letter Beit is basically a house or a tent, family or to stay in. Everything tht needs to do with family or a house is Beit.

So when you put the letters Aleph and Beit together, the initial two letters of the Hebrew Alphabet, we should think of the word Av where we get the word Ava from. The initial two letters of the Hebrew Alphabet which is astonishing point to the Father which is the quality of the pioneer of the house. Give me a chance to state that once more, Aleph is the quality or the pioneer and Beit is the house. So together they mean Father which is the quality of the pioneer of the house.