Essential Learning Spanish Phrases For Living In Latin America

Today I have 4 basic learning Spanish expressions for living in Latin America to impart to you. In the event that you are traveling in Latin America these expressions could possibly be useful to know. In any case, in the event that you are living in Latin America, or regardless of the possibility that you are not living in Latin America, but rather have Latino companions or a Spanish-talking critical other, these expressions regard know.

1. No te metas en esto – Don’t place yourself in this.

This is a Spanish expression that I could utilized with a couple of American, Canadian, British, and Australian visitors who come to Colombia. They’ll once in a while get some information about getting two things of intrigue they that should not get themselves required in for their own particular wellbeing. Yes, I am discussing the two things that you are pondering. I will let them know in English “don’t get included in that.” Or in Spanish…

No te metas en eso.

(Try not to include yourself in that.)

Here’s a “dicho” or saying in Spanish:

No te metas donde no te llaman.

Truly, it signifies “don’t put yourself where they don’t call you.” A comparative saying in English is “don’t stick your nose where it doesn’t have a place.” The expression “no te metas en lo que no te importa” additionally signifies “don’t place yourself in what does not concern you” or “don’t stick your nose where it doesn’t have a place.”

2. Eso no se hace – “one doesn’t do that” or “you ought not do that.”

“Eso no se hace” is another Spanish expression that would be useful for me when addressing Americans and different nonnatives who come to Colombia and need to hazard their wellbeing for “vicios” (indecencies or negative behavior patterns).

Coincidentally, “vicio” is another Spanish word that you will hear habitually in the event that you live in Latin America. Here’s a Spanish “dicho” or saying with “vicio”:

Los vicios child los hijos del ocio. “Indecencies are conceived from inaction” or truly, “indecencies are the children of inertness.”

3. Dejar las cosas así – leave things the way they are

4. Si las cosas salen bien If things go well.

In the event that everything turns out fine.

This is another helpful expression. For instance, “si las cosas salen bien… ” as in “if everything goes well (in a relationship.)”

This is end the present Spanish lesson on four (4) valuable or supportive Spanish expressions for life in Latin America.